Quick reference

  • Installing microServiceBus-node

    Learn about how to install microservicebus-node on common platforms such as Linux, Mac and Windows. Also, learn about how to have it running as a daemon

  • Running microServiceBus-node on a yocto image

    Yocto is about creating your own embedded Linux distribution, by cherry-picking Yocto meta-layers to suit your needs and create a powerful, yet minimal firmware. microservicebus-node is available as a Yocto meta-layer! Learn more about how to use it.

  • Reviewing the Audit log

    All actions taken on Nodes, Flows, Services and Organization are persisted in the Audit log.

  • Site verification

    Installing and deploying your gateway will only take you so far. In reality, there are many more things that need to work before your solution is up and running. Learn about the Site Verification App and how you can enable field engineer to make sure the installation in complete.

  • Using the Console

    Enabling Console output, is perhaps one of the most useful means to get insight into the processes running on your device. Learn more about how to enable Console output in the portal, and how to control the debug logging from the Node.

  • Get insight using tracking

    Sometimes the Console output is not enough, and you need more insight to what messages and meta data is looking like. If this is the case, look no further.

  • Working with service properties

    The service property window is where you define the characteristics of your service. All properties are divided into three categories; General, Static and Security properties.

  • Remote debug your microservices

    There are times when there is no substitute to stepping through the code line-by-line. Learn about how to enable remote debugging on your device.

  • Services & Scripts in microServiceBus.com in depth

    This section will dive into the details of how to write a Service. Learn more about how you can enhance productivity through our Tips & Tricks.

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