For users who need to create many Nodes, we recommend using the CSV import rather than creating one at the time from the Node page. Alternately, users can also use the© API, which is not going to be covered in this article.

To use the import file feature, it’s important that the file follows a specific format which is covered in the next section. Once the file is imported and validated, it is sent of for processing. This step might take a few minutes depending on the number of records in the file. When the process is completed, all users will get notified in the portal and an email is sent to the user who initiated the import. When your file is ready to be imported, you can import it from the Nodes page by clicking the CREATE NODE drop-down button at the top, and then select the Import from CSV option.

File format

The format must align with the following:

  • The file should be UTF-8 encoded
  • No header row. All rows of the file are considered records to be imported
  • No empty rows at the end.
  • Each row represents a record to be imported
  • Each row is delimited with a line break (“/n”)
  • Each field is delimited by a semi colon (“;”)
  • All fields are required for all rows. Empty fields should just be left empty between semicolons

Fields (per row)

Position Field Format Mandatory
1 Name Between 5 and 128 ASCII 7-bit alphanumeric characters Yes
2 Type Name of device type E.g.”Elvaco CMe2100 G3” No
3 Description   No
4 CostCenter Cost center for billing No
5 SlaLevel LEVEL1 or LEVEL2 No
6 Tags Comman separaed list of tags No
8 Template Name of Node template No
9 Longitude   No
10 Latitude   No
11 TimeZone E.g. US/Alaska No
12 IMEI 14 numeric characters No
13 ICCID SIM card id No
14 MacAddresses Comma separated list of MAC addresses No
15 SerialNo HW serial number No
16 Gateway endpoint   Only if Type is TIER3
17 Phone number   No
18 APN   Only if Type is TIER3
19 Metadata Used for routing. E.g. mt=42 Only if Type is TIER3
20 Number of devices to scan for Numeric value Only if Type is TIER3
21 Interval Numeric value Only if Type is TIER3
22 Time unit minute, hour, day Only if Type is TIER3

Sample row

Name;Type;Description;CostCenter;SlaLevel;Tags;Mode;Template;Longitude;Latitude;TimeZone;12345678912345;ICCID;MacAddresses;SerialNo;Gateway endpoint;Phone number;APN;Metadata;Number of devices;Interval;Time unit