• Using microServiceBus API

    The microServiceBus API hosts many of the operations otherwise available through the UI, allowing other applications to interact with Nodes and Meters.

  • Working with external source code providers

    Although come with version control, you might consider using tools you're already familiar with such as GitHub or Azure DevOps.

  • Integrate SIM card management

    Cisco Jasper is a powerful SIM card management tool, and well integrated with Learn more about how to set up integration with Cisco Jasper.

  • Integrate external ticketing system (ServiceNow) is not the tool for first-line support. Luckily it integrates with ServiceNow enabling a complete ITIL process with Issue tracking, Problem management and Release management.

  • Working with incident policies

    Incident policies is part of Device Management and allow you to take actions on exceptions and alerts, such as when Nodes comes of line or custom alerts.

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