Important: API - TERM OF USE.

The microServiceBus API hosts many of the operations otherwise available through the UI, allowing other applications to interact with Nodes and Meters.

In many cases, the API is used from the Business Operation allowing them to configure and interact with nodes, meters and sensors. Business Operation generally work more with configuration tasks, using tools provided elsewhere.

Usage API is a REST based API that can be called from any application. To use the API you need an API key which you can receive by navigating to the Account page (click your user account in the top right corner). On the Account page, click “API keys”. Enter your password and token expiration and hit the GET API KEY button. Copy the token, and navigate to the swagger page.

Paste your token in the api_key field at the top of the field.

Tip: To use the API from outside the swagger page, add the token to the Authorization header.

url -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Authorization: bearer ....' ''

Tip: It’s not recommended to use a normal user account as the API account. Instead create a user account for each service or application that will use the API. This way it’s easier to track and audit updates.

Explore the API

The microServiceBus API is segmented into groups of entities:

  • Account
  • Nodes
  • NodeImages
  • Organization
  • Tags