Cisco Jasper is a powerful SIM card management tool where you can manage state and set up automation rules for your SIM cards. The integration with Cisco Jasper enables automatically on-boarding of new devices wit no effort part from powering on the device. For this provisioning process to work, you need to set up a two-way trust between and Cisco Jasper; one for Cisco Jasper to notify of newly activated devices (SIM cards) and one for to call Cisco Jasper to make changes of updates to the configuration. will also query Cisco Jasper to notify users when data plans are reaching their limits.

To set up the Cisco Jasper integration, follow these tow steps:

1. Create an API user in Cisco Jasper

Although can call Cisco Jasper on behalf of any user, it’s always a good practice to use a dedicated user. This way it becomes clearly visible in Cisco Jasper in which context any changes has been done.

  1. Begin by navigating to your Jasper instance. Navigate to the Admin page and click on Users in the right hand menu.
  2. Click the Edit link at the top and provide a secret. The secret is used to verify the origin of the call.
  3. User the Action menu to create a new user, and fill in the fields. In the Access Type field select the “API only” option in the drop-down menu. Click OK to save the user.
  4. Click the user name in the list to navigate to the user Detail page, and click the “Show API key* link at the top. Copy and save the API key.
  5. Go back to the main page and click the “Knowledge Base” tile, and continue to the REST API page.
  6. Click the “API key” section in the right hand menu and copy and save the “Resource URL”.
  7. Open a new window, navigate to and continue to the Organization page. Scroll to the button and click Edit.
  8. In the Cisco Jasper section, fill in the Instance, User name, REAST API key and the Secret fields with the values from the previous steps.
  9. Before you hit Save, copy the API address for the next step.

Your Organization is now set to call the Cisco Jasper API.

2. Set up Cisco Jasper to notify on status changes of SIM cards

  1. Go back to Cisco Jasper and click the Automation tile. User the Action menu to create a new Rule.
  2. In the “Define Rule” section, select “SIM Provisioning” category and then select “SIM State Change”.
  3. In the “When this happens…” section set “If any SIM changes SIM State from” to “Activation Ready” and **“Activated”.
  4. In the “Do this…” section select “Push an API message” and set the URL to the API address you copied in step 8 in the previous section.
  5. Click Activate Rule to save the automation rule.

With these steps completed, SIM cards that gets activated will automatically trigger your automation rule which will cause Cisco Jasper to call to create the Node in both and your IoT Hub. Shortly after the Node gets online it should automatically receive credentials to log on to the IoT Hub.