Last modified: April 10, 2019

Thank you for using APIs, other developer services, and associated software (collectively, “APIs”). By accessing or using our APIs, you are agreeing to the terms below.

Permitted Access

You will only access (or attempt to access) an API by the means described in the documentation of that API.

API Limitations

AXIANS IoT Operations and sets and enforces limits on your use of the APIs (e.g. limiting the number of API requests that you may make or the number of users you may serve), in our sole discretion. You agree to, and will not attempt to circumvent, such limitations documented with each API.


All API’s have a throttling limit of 4 calls per minute.

Operation specific API’s for managed Nodes

Some API’s require Organizations to have an SLA such as the one filed under “DeviceManagement”. These API’s may not work for un-managed Organizations.

For more information about how to use APIs.